My life is what I consider the “new normal”. I live with my partner, Will, and our 3 cats (I didn’t intend to have 3 cats, it just happened that way lol, but I’ll cover that later). We have been together for 3 years and we recently bought a home together. I am an interior designer based in Houston, TX. He is a landscaper and potter. It’s a nice quiet life, but it can be a little stressful as we both grow our new businesses. My journey to the design world is a little different than most people. I went to University of Houston for a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a plan to be a doctor. I spent most of my time in a lab working with bacteria and DNA. After school I worked for TeamHealth as medical scribe. A medical is the equivalent of a paralegal to an ER physician. Working as a medical scribe was an amazing learning experience. I learned a lot and it basically showed me that I didn’t want to go into medicine. I was really lost. I had just spent 6 years of my life planning to go to medical school and then realized it wasn’t for me. So, I took a sabbatical from the science world and bartended at a restaurant while I figured things out.

Interior design was always a hobby to me, but I never thought it could be a job. When I moved into my last apartment I spent hours of time space planning, creating a budget, and researching furniture. Even though it was a hobby, I took it pretty seriously. Most of my friends knew this. One evening I was out with a friend having a few drinks at a local bar. I knew that she was working with an interior designer for her home, so I just asked how it was going. It wasn’t going well. The interior designer had dissolved her Houston based company, taken a large chunk of my friend’s money and ran off to another state. That evening she causally mentioned that she wanted me to help her decorate her home because she liked my taste and she trusted me. We had a few more drinks and I really didn’t think too much about it. Over the course of the next 2 weeks she mentioned it again and just like before I didn’t think too much about it. A little while later she asked a third time. This time very seriously saying “Hey! Will you help me decorate my place, like as a job, I will pay you.” I hadn’t thought about it too much, but I jumped on the opportunity. The more I thought about it, the more I really liked the idea. So, we sat down together to come up with a budget and plan. I feel like we spent about 2 hours on Pinterest going through all of her design boards. Then I got to work. It was slow going at first. For the first few weeks I went out in the city, awkwardly trying to figure out how to be an Interior Designer. It wasn’t easy, but I knew I was making the right decision.

After I created Medina Designs I continued to work with my friend to decorate her home and began focusing on finding new projects. At the time I was still working at a restaurant as a full time bartender, so I was splitting time between both jobs. That created so many challenges, but when you are starting a career venture you have to bust ass and get it done. One night after a 10 hour bar shift, I was sitting on the couch watching TV and thinking about what I wanted my business to be. Everyone kept saying that I needed a niche or a brand. I was really racking my brain. Eventually, I realized that it was right in front of my face. I want the people that I work with to be able to trust me and to feel like friends or family. I know that’s not really a niche, because every business wants that. but it is still important to me. My business was created from something bad happening to a good friend. I want to be the designer that a client can come to and know they won’t get taken advantage of. Majority of my clients have been referrals from friends and family which is amazing. It shows me that the people I work with trust me enough to refer me to their friends or family.

My small business was slowly, but surely gaining momentum. So, to give the business my 100% attention, I decided to resign from the restaurant. Since then, I have been able to concentrate my efforts into the expansion of my brand. A design aesthetic is like a fingerprint; everyone is vastly unique. Budgets are no exception. It’s my goal to provide a personalized and engaging experience for each client with affordable prices and approachable designs.

I’m currently working with a client on their kitchen and bathroom renovation. I’m a huge fan of open concepts and vaulted ceilings which makes the possibilities endless when it comes to interior design. Custom gas range, modern pendants, aged brass ascents, and exposed brick make for a rustic elegance that some of my clients love. Once I finish this I’ll be working with a builder to design a new home. Naturally, I’ll take pictures of all my finished projects to share with my followers and future clients.
I feel really lucky that I am able to do a job that I love.