Hey friends,

If you read my last few posts, I have apologized for not blogging more. Blah, blah, blah. Well, I am not going to apologize anymore. Bare with me. It’s not because I think you don’t deserve an apology. You absolutely do! I just can’t keep up with regular blogging. In some perfect world, I will blog regularly. I just don’t know when that will be. For the mean time, I am so happy you are here and I hope you come back for the next blog. Whenever that may be.

OK…. that’s out of the way. Let’s get to the good stuff!

I recently finished up a project and started posting the professional photos on Instagram. If you are following me, then you have most likely previewed this space below. If not, here is my page link, go give me a follow. I’ll make it worth your while. Promise.

This light filled room is an eclectic mix of pieces that have a modern feel and give you that “ahhhh” calm feeling in the room.

The reason why I bring up Instagram is because I was sent a message by Diane (name has been changed) saying, ‘I could never live there, it’s just so light. ”

At first I was a little annoyed. It seemed like a rude thing to say. My client craved for a calming, light space and that is what I delivered. I set my annoyance aside and asked Diane why she couldn’t live in that space. “I have 2 kids and a dog. It would be dirty in a week”. Ahhhh! Well, that makes more sense. I don’t have kids or dogs, yet, but I imagine they are quite the little tornadoes of destruction. I imagine couches and rugs stained with chocolate milk and slobbery squeaky toys strewn around the room. Is that what life is like with kids?

Image courtesy of Joybird

I only ask to prepare for my not yet existent future child. Now for my response, “Diane, you’re kinda right but also kinda wrong…”. This is a good time to talk about why I am writing this blog for you. We are going to talk all about performance fabrics.

For most people in general (not just parents) performance fabrics are a Godsend. I may not have kids yet, but I have 3 cats. Cats aren’t as messy as dogs in my experience, but they are still animals that can sometimes come with their own set of challenges. ** cough cough** hair balls. Gross! I swear by performance fabrics. They are either a gift from God or created by a wizard and imbued with magic. The brand that I swear by is Crypton. Sunbrella and Perennials also have some amazing fabrics, I just gravitate to Crypton. You have to watch this video on me pouring coffee on white Crypton. The coffee just beads up when it hits the fabric. Then I just simply wick it away. No stain. The fabric that I used was the exact fabric that I used on the white sofa for the room pictured above.

Just wick the liquid. Don’t dab it or press it into the fabric.

Voila! No stain!
Which brings my back to my earlier statement to Diane, “you’re kinda right but also kinda wrong…”. Before I get into my spill, I do want to admit that I am not so delusional to think that a magical performance fabric will stop the utter destruction of a child. Chaos always finds a way! But we can do what we can to have the gorgeous furniture that we want? Yes! Here is the rest of what I said to Diane, “…This room is very light and may not be your exact style and that’s ok, but you can still have a few light pieces in a room that are durable. The performance fabrics have come a long way. They will help to alleviate the worry. Here is a room I designed for a family with 2 small kids and 1 dog. The sofas and arm chairs were both light fabrics from Crypton.” See below image.

Ice blue sofa in Crypton fabric. upholstered armchairs not pictured.

This room isn’t as light as the first room. It’s more of a mix of tones, but the upholstery is light. In fact, I know these sofas have already been through the “kid test”. A few days after I delivered the sofas, their little kiddo got sick and threw up red Gatorade on the sofa. RED GATORADE! and it came right up.

This is what I am talking about. I swear performance fabrics are magical.

I have had similar luck with Perennials and Sunbrella. I am just doting on Crypton. And just to be clear. I am in no way getting paid for the blog or get any kind of promotional items for posting this. I just want to let you know what all your options are. Light rooms and light upholstery are options. Even with the tiny terrors (kiddos and pets).

If you would like to view more on Crypton, you can do that here. Sunbrella fabrics can be viewed here. Perennials fabrics can be viewed here

Diane, if you are reading this, I hope you give me a call soon. I want to design your home with all the performance fabrics. It will be gorgeous and functional.

Alright, friends. That’s it for me today. Talk to you soon.