Holidays are here and therefore its time to start thinking about the family dinner you’re going to host! But I don’t wanna talk about the stuff that goes on the plates, instead I would like to talk about the plates themselves and all that lays between. 

Not here to knock anyone but isn’t everyone a little tired of these over the top tablescapes for the holidays.. or in general..? Before you shout out “Blasphemy!” hear me out. I grew up in the south and over the top holiday decor is just normal decor. Everything is bigger in Texas, right? So, I think I developed an aversion to all things cute and frilly. I love clean lines, good textures, and minimalism. 

I’m all for aesthetic, as much as the next designer would be, but cant we achieve more with less? Let’s talk about the tablescape featured below. Also, i don’t even know if tablescape is a real word, but let’s pretend it is. Back to the picture. I am not going to say it’s wrong. Everyone is entitled to their style and opinion. It’s well done, but just not something I care for. Again, I shoot for clean lines, good textures, and minimalism. 

Now for the next picture (below). This is surely the way to impress the in-laws that have flown a thousand miles to enjoy the holidays with you. 

Simple Gorgeous

Lets all bring in the idea of minimalism to the dinner table this holiday, and all holidays to follow. Why not instead of putting a tiny village in the center of your table, in hopes that it will somehow absorb any actual conversation with relatives, and try putting just a few candles in place and bond with your family!

One thing I will say about this is tablescape is WHY do the place settings stop 5 seats down the table??? There are 3 more seats at the end. Is that where the kids sit? Did you run out of plates and say ‘to hell with it, they can eat off the table?’.. I am just so curious, but let’s not dwell on that for too long. I just had to throw that out there.  Other than that tiny little thing, this is a great way to do minimal decor. 

Going back to the candle holders, these are a bit of a splurge, but I am pretty obsessed with these candle holders. White marble. 16″ tall. 3 of them would look so decadent as a center piece. I looked through tons of websites for a better picture. I really did. I could not find one anywhere.  If you have these in your home, will you send me a a picture. I bet they are stunning. 

Shine Holder by Noir

Add some gold candles for some real pizzazz! These are pretty affordable and would great with the marble candle holders. Knowing me, I would never light the candles. I would be the one too worries to stain the marble. Am I the only one like that?

Now for some plates.  l love these Pitch Matte Black plates  from CB2. They  really high light the idea of less-is-more-tablescape-edition. and this can totally be used throughout the year and for any, absolutely any, occasion! Matte black in the dining room setting is such a perfect pairing. Embellishing with the gloss black chargers and cutlery really do so much for it. With a nice glass of Pinot Noir next to this setting would really make anyone feel right at home. 

LAST THING…. I promise…

Everyone loves doing an Instagram worthy tablescape to really add some visual extravaganza to their “9-grid” and so do we! We ran to Crate and Barrel to pick up a set of Pedra Artisan  (PA set)plates and threw somethings together. I really like the PA set,  because it is simple. It can be paired with more festive pieces for the holidays or used through out the year  as your every day dinnerware.  

I am not the Tablescape Guru. I know what I like and go for that. Here are 2 ways 2 ways to mix and match the PA set.  When I went shopping I quickly grabbed what I liked. I grabbed the Round Silver place mat, Helena Wine napkin, gold napkin ring, and the brass candle stick holders. 

For this pairing I wanted something a little darker with a bit of texture. I had a navy linen table cloth, so I threw that down. I added the Carson charger , the Paxton Grey Diamond napkin, Wrap Black napkin ring, and the Matte Black candle holder. The last few items aren’t pictured, but you can head to my Instagram page here to see the full image.

Just have fun with it. Don’t stress it too much. Want to know a little secret? You can take stuff back. OK. It’s not a secret, but I don’t want you to be sitting in the store for 2 hours stressing over the mixture of the perfect plate and charger. Buy more than what you think you will need. Maybe buy two sets of flatware, so you can see which one you like more when you get home. Then just return the rest. I am sure Crate and Barrel won’t mind. Just make sure you check the return policy.  And don’t tell them I sent you. lol. 

Thanks for tuning in. Leave a reply and let us know your take on the ideal tablescape or send pictures of yours!

Happy Holidays to all and I will talk to you soon